Sole e Sale

italian craft beer ©Metediarioli

Salted Saison

TOP fermented
5,2% ABV
Light colour 14 EBC
Bitterness 10 IBU


Citrus and spices.


Malt and spices

33 cl – 75 cl

gufo etichetta birra @MetediArioli
Brewer Note

Summer in a glass.

«The recipe of this Saison is drenched with Italian suggestions, I got inspired by the calm and peaceful state of mind felt while watching the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea, when orange blossom and citrus perfumes mingle with sea breeze.

A spicy aroma is characterised by strong hints of bergamot skin, bitter orange and coriander. Taste is malty and spicy and a final sapid note can be perceived. In order to create Sole e Sale we have enriched the original Belgian recipe with a pinch of Volterra salt».

[Alessandro Reali – Otus brewer]

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