Otus is back to Beer&Food attraction

We are waiting for you on 12th-13th April 2021.

Otus craft brewery takes part in Beer&Food Attraction exhibition: it will be an occasion to meet, to talk about news and get to know the owl’s beers.

Otus is back to Beer&Food Attraction, the international exhibition dedicated to craft beers and brewing specialties, beverage, food and out-of-home trends that will be held on 12th and 13th April 2021. Now in its seventh edition, this year the event will be totally virtual in order to be conducted safely, due to the fact that Covid-19 health crisis is persisting.    It will be a digital platform able to increase business, analysis and networking opportunities among industry businesses and professional operators worldwide, who will interact through chat, videocalls and virtual meetings.   
« Nevertheless difficulties that the Ho.Re.Ca channel is facing due to the fact that pandemic is still going on, it is important to meet and cooperate to react with determination and a positive attitude». [Giampietro Rota – Otus Brewery Sales Manager]
The Digital Event for eating out.
From 7th to 11th April it will be possible to log in as visitors and select Otus Brewery in the list of sponsored companies in the reserved area .From Otus profile an online meeting can be scheduled to talk with the brewery’s staff through chat, videocalls and virtual meetings.We invite you to visit Otus page and our beers’ presentation on the event platform. 
Talks, shows, workshops, discussions and trainings will be held. On the platform, different events and shows will be organised with the collaboration of Italian Exhibition Group, businesses, trade organisations and specialised media, enriching in this way the exhibition with in-depth analysis and update opportunities.   
Beer&Food Attraction is a reference for industry operators, it is an opportunity to meet and exchange professional expertise. This digital edition represents an occasion to restart, to discuss and find new solutions to cope with the challenges of an always-evolving market.
Contemporaneously to Beer&Food AttractionBBTECH Expo (an exhibition dedicated  to technologies, equipment and accessories for beer and beverage production and packaging) and International Horeca Meeting by Italgrob are confirmed. 
Beer&Food Attraction is dedicated to the industry operators. We are waiting for you!

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