6 December 2021

Otus wins two OTHER medals and arrives in Canada

Eco di Bergamo

25 November 2021

Record of medals for italian craft brewery (11 gold medals) at Brussels Beer Challenge

Cronache di Birra

Brussels Beer Challenge 2021, two gold medals for Otus brewery.

Italia a Tavola

15 October 2021

Otus is the craft breweries that gives certainty

Italia a tavola

21 December 2020

Brussels Beer Challenge judges awarded Otus

Italia a Tavola

29 November 2020

Italy shines again at Brussels Beer Challenge.

Cronache di Birra

28 November 2020

Bergamo’s beers were awarded in Belgium: two silver medals for Otus Brewery.

L’ Eco di Bergamo

27 November 2020

La birra Artigianale Otus piace anche agli esperti: medaglia d’argento per B5 e Pils2.

Italia a Tavola

24 November 2020

Note di Sale: the ultimate Otus Brewery creation

Italia a Tavola

23 November 2020

Otus Pilsner gets on the podium at European Beer Star 2020

L’Eco di Bergamo

14 November 2020

Iconic bronze medal for Pils by Otus at European Beer Star 2020

Italia a Tavola

13 November 2020

European Beer Star 2020 : bronze medal for Otus Pilsner

Cronache di birra

12 November 2020

European Beer Star 2020 : Italian winners

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