8 August 2023

Otus “One Shot Tripel”, an interpretation of the classic belgian beer

Italia a Tavola

15 May 2023

Bronze medal to Otus brewery at World Beer Cup 2023: the only medal to Italy

Otus Redvoluion is the italian beer that conquered 2023 World Beer cup

13 March 2023

Beer of the year, 5 medals for breweries near orobic alps

L’Eco di Bergamo

2 March 2023

Many awards to Strada del Vino Valcalepio e dei Sapori della Bergamasca

Rivista Nerazurro

27 February 2023

Arlecchino: the special beer in honor of Bergamo

Italia a Tavola

22 February 2023

Otus Side B : A blanche beer worthy of a medal

Italia a Tavola

22 November 2022

Miele di Luna : the Otus seasonal beer

Italia a Tavola

14 October 2022

Arlecchino, Otus craft beer now in special edition

Italia a Tavola

29 June 2022

Perla d’Orzo, 100% italian craft beer by Otus

Italia a Tavola

23 June 2022

«BERGAMO, City of the Thousand … flavors» : honey, pollen, royal jelly and craft beers

L’Eco di Bergamo

18 May 2022

Internetional award for Otus beers

L’Eco di Bergamo

27 April 2022

Otus wins two medals at Barcelona Beer Challenge

Italia a tavola

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Press of Brewery artisans in Bergamo

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