Session IPA

ABV 4,5%
Light colour 9 EBC
Bitterness 45 IBU

Citrus and spices.

Citrus with grapefruit and lemon hints.

33 cl – 75cl – 24l

Brewer's notes

Bitterness gentleness

« Hops changed the history of beer by replacing traditional aromatic ingredients used since the Sumerian times, has characterized the taste of this style of beer in an irreversible and well defined way. Flavours derive from hops, ranging from citrus fruit to sweet fruit, from resin to spices.

They determine the bitterness level and nowadays play an important role in the final result like those deriving from malt, which still continues to be a fundamental ingredient. Originally IPAs were high alcohol volume and malt was the main organoleptic component; then, after the artisan revolution, breweries started to introduce hops little by little with increasing aromatic intensity, by reducing the malted base.

Taking into account that the alcohol volume strongly contributes to the balance of hop flavours hints, we asked ourselves if it was possible to capture all the potential of hops and still maintain a pleasant bitterness with low alcohol volume. The result of this technical challenge is Lolipa.

In Otus it is considered a conjunction between British Pale Ales and American IPAs. We refer to your judgement ».

[Alessandro Reali – Otus brewmaster]

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