ABV 5%
Light colour 5 EBC
Bitterness 13 IBU

Fruit with citrus and spicy notes with vanilla hints.

Cereal (wheat), honey, fruit (citrus) and spices.

33 cl – 75cl – 16l

*Keg without inner bag

Bronze medal at Associazione Unionbirrai Concorso Birra Dell’anno 2022
category 26 (Blanche, Witbier)
silver medal at Barcelona Beer Challenge 2022
category 24A Witbier (Belgian Ale)
Silver medal
at European Beer Star 2018
29th Category
Brewer's notes

A journey through
Italian scents

« Blanche beers are made from wheat and were created during the Middle Ages. The production technique was perfected after endless improvements, and it was not an easy task for brewers to optimise the taste without running the risk of altering the product that has been perfected and recognised.

During the winter of 2017, I thought about how our Blanche beer should be: the challenge was to combine delicate organoleptic hints while maintaining the original and soft nature of this beer and if possible, increasing its refreshing characteristic.

Apart from the traditional aroma of bitter orange peel and coriander, there were additions of bergamot and lemon hints. These citrus scents offer a complex but pleasing bouquet and taste.

The taste of SIDE B is a journey through the fragrances of our peninsula, from North to South, beginning from raw soft wheat that grows expressly in the area close to Bergamo and ending with bergamot from Calabria and lemon from the South, both Mediterranean excellences with unique taste.

SIDE B shows solid European roots and a smiling Mediterranean character ».

[Alessandro Reali – Otus brewmaster]

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