American IPA

ABV 5.8%
Light amber colour 12 EBC
Bitterness 50 IBU

Tropical fruit and red berry fruit, pine needle and herbs.

Fruit with citrus notes, spices and light caramel.

33 cl – 24l

Brewer's notes

New aromatic delicacies

« I have always loved experimenting new hops and exploring their aromatic potentialities. Wanting to create a Pacific IPA with a more delicate and innovative bouquet than the typical “fruity bombs”, I experimented different hops, after some attempts, I chose to use Eureka, Azacca, Enigma, and Citra.

Fruity aromas of peach, litchi and tropical fruit explode in the mouth, with floral hints and orange, grapefruit and lemon scents, while the malted basis, mainly made up of Pils and Vienna malts, recalls the characteristics of the first British IPA that arrived in India circumnavigating Africa.

The meeting between Europe and India gave origin to exchanges that influenced the evolution of Western taste. I like cultural blends. Even though the process of producing beer involves rational procedures, research and testing, I firmly believe that every beer arises from an inspiration. Australe was born dreaming of tropics ».

[Alessandro Reali – Otus brewmaster]

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