A best Bitter Ale

Our beer year has a bitter finish, but with a pleasing bitterness. 

We could not close 2019 without having fun in producing special beers, distributed in kegs and dedicated to the most loyal customers. This Single Batch can be classified as a Best Bitter Ale, that is characterised by unique hints of wild hops, whose cultivation is still being experimented;

an intriguing product for craft beer lovers, ideal to cheer gatherings.Alessandro Reali, our brewmaster, tells us about this new OTUS adventure:

My starting point has been the traditional recipe for the production of Best Bitter Ale; then I went through a more adventurous path: yeast is the classical English one, but, concerning hop flavour, I decided to use Neomexican HBC 472, that confers unique floral, wood, soil and coconut hints. HBC 472 originated from the union of an American wild hop with a derived species of the Neomexican Sister to Sabro hop. The hearty malt blend of Maris Otter, Crystal, Amber and Golden Naked Oats balances hop flavour with soft and biscuit hints”

In the glass, the beer is clear and blonde with amber shades and a thin but long-lasting foam, ABV is moderate [4.2% ABV]. Bouquet is rich and aromatic, the taste is complex but pleasing from the first very sip and the general effect is refreshing.

We hope you will appreciate it and that it can cheer your gatherings, maybe paired with curry chicken. Don’t serve it too cold. 

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