Imperial Coffee Stout 2017

To heat up winter.

The experiment by Otus of Seriate goes on in the craft beer field.

The most recent part of this journey among beer styles is Imperial Coffee Stout 2017, a limited edition with only 2000 bottles, that were distributed from the 15th of November and sold in few days: a huge success!

This Stout represents a memorable stop for us: pouring it, the glass becomes opaque black and on the top a tempting, dense and compact hazel foam, that caresses your lips.

While the industrial production aims at unifying the beer taste to the detriment of consumers, a craft brewery seeks to create new beers, to experiment and re- interpret recipes. Imperial Coffee Stout 2017 is the result of this way of interpreting the job of brewing, since it is a proper job, not a profession, because craft beer is handmade, as the Otus slogan reminds us.

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