Brussels Beer Challenge 2020: silver medal to Otus B5

Our Helles gets on the podium in Brussels.

Another international success for OTUS Helles beer: after a gold medal in Barcelona, a silver one in Brussels in the 4.10 Category Lager Helles has arrived.This Brussels one is the second important acknowledgement in a few months’ time: our pale beer, inspired by German Helles, is appreciated by international judges both from South and North Europe: last April it won a gold medal in the 4A category Munich Helles (Pale Malty European Lager) at Barcelona Beer Challenge and now it ranked second during one of the most important beer competitions all over the world.  

Also OTUS PILS got on the podium to receive the prestigious silver medal in the 4.3 Category Lager German-style Pilsner.  The Belgian beer challenge is a reference for industry operators and consumers.

Knowing the beers that have been awarded by the greatest sector experts allows everybody – even those who are approaching the beer world for the first time – to buy and taste quietly and safely the best beer productionsworldwide. The judges valued the strengths and weaknesses of each beer with the well-known rigour, because, as stated on the Brussels Beer Challenge website, the consumer “needs reference points”. 
“Our Helles beer is essential, characterised by a soft and light taste and its scent is irresistible. B5 is one of the first beers produced by the brewery and I am really attached to it; knowing that it has classified among the best ones by the strictest international juries is a great satisfaction”. 
[Anna Cremonesi | OTUS management].

Now in its 9th edition, Brussels Beer Challenge had to face Covid-19, nevertheless the event captured the attention of “beer aficionados” worldwide: the award ceremony, that was live-streamed, was awaited both by those who work in the industry as producers or retailers and by passionate drinkers and craft beer tasters.  

Brussels beer: the culture that gave origin to one of the most important beer contests in the world.  
The origin of Brussels Beer Challenge is to be traced down to the richness of the beer culture in Belgium; its value is such that in 2016 it appeared in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

This year the challenge between breweries took place there, where everything started in 2012, when the company Becomev (Beer, Communication and Events), managed by Luc de Raedemaeker and Thomas Costenoble, organised the first, great international beer competition that nowadays is famous all over the world with the name Brussels Beer Challenge. The event, fitted out in the Brussels Stock Exchange Palace, immediately gained importance and became itinerant, being welcomed fervently by the most prestigious Belgian cities.  

“The market is oriented towards a return to traditions and quality productions”. Beer producers are looking for innovative and excellent products to build fond customers loyalty and to open up to new markets. The attainment of an award at Brussels Beer Challenge represent an acknowledgement of the done job”

[from BBC website]

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