Note di Sale

The new Otus Imperial Stout is music to drink.

Note di Sale is the name of the new Chocolate Salted Imperial Stout created by OTUS Brewery, a dark beer produced with cocoa beans and salt of Volterra. 

We created a full-bodied beer, with a moderately high alcoholic content (10% ABV), that is presented with a fascinating cloudy black colour and a hazel thick and compact foam that caresses the lips. Here’s how the brewer Alessandro Reali describes it: 

« Note di Sale is a beer following the Imperial Stout style, based on a combination of sweet and roasted malts that releases pleasant caramel and dried fruit hints. Another important ingredient is oatmeal, which makes it smooth and silky. The taste is made unique by chocolate flavours deriving from cocoa beans, enhanced by the slightly savoury final notes from the extremely pure salt of Volterra. Malt, chocolate, caramel and dried fruit perfumes are intense and charming».

OTUS Note di Sale is a beer with a strong character, alcoholic, full-bodied but smooth and silky, with a harmonious contrast between sweet and salty. A heady beer, to meditate, in perfect OTUS style, always pleasant to the palate and easy to drink. It can be paired with several types of food and perfect for desserts.

Note di Sale was refined with the precious collaboration of Locatelli Saline di Volterra, producers of the most pure salt in Italy, whose saltworks were already active during the Etruscan times.

Watch the video.

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