Oatmeal Stout

ABV 5.2%
Dark colour 75 EBC
Bitterness 27 IBU

Chocolate, coffee and milk.

Roasted, caramel, coffee, cacao and liquorice.

33 cl – 24 l

Gold medal at Associazione Unionbirrai Concorso Birra Dell’anno 2022
21st category
slow food Ambranera
Italian Beer Guide 2021 Slow Food
Gold medal at Brussels Beer Challenge 2019
Category Stout Porter
(Oatmeal Stout)
Bronze medal at European Beer star 2019
Category 41
Silver medal at Associazione Unionbirrai Concorso Birra Dell’anno 2018
19th category
Italian Beer Guide 2023 Slow Food
Brewer's notes

Less is more

«My work experience in long-tradition English breweries has shaped my brewing technique.I do love those beers tapped from casks with the ancient method, that keeps beer slightly sparkling and enhances its organoleptic qualities.

Among the main ingredients of those legendary dark beers we can find oatmeal, making them “silky”, English Brown malt, that gives shades of coffee and chocolate hints and another British malt, that gives cacao scents.

Our Oatmeal Stout too expresses these typical aromas, but in a more essential way, not watery and not so high in alcohol volume. “Less is more” as the English people would say. Ambranera is among the most appreciated OTUS beers not only by the general public: the first “brew” was awarded with the second prize in the 19th Category during the Beer of the Year contest 2018 in Rimini.

In 2019 it won the bronze medal in category 41 during European Beer Star contest and a gold medal in the Porter Stout category during Brussels Beer Challenge»

[Alessandro Reali – Otus Brewmaster]

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