ABV 5%
Light colour 8 EBC
Bitterness 20 IBU

Gluten free

Honey, bread crust, cereal, fruity and herbal notes.

Bread crust, honey and cereal.

33 cl – 24l

Brewer's notes

Against food waste

« I have always cared about environmental issues and I think we should reach a socio-economic system as soon as possible, able to create a sustainable organic change between man and nature.

It is urgent, possible, and necessary. Cuor di Pane finds its origin from the awareness that Earth’s resources are not endless and wants to contribute by limiting food waste: it is produced mixing barley malt with unsold bread from original producers.

Cuor di Pane is a low-fermented Helles, that is a pale and delicate beer, perfect for any occasion. Thanks to an innovative production process, Cuor di Pane is a gluten-free beer

Otus Cuor di Pane received a mention in Category F (bottom and top fermented, special and spiced beers) during World Glutee Free Beer Award 2022».

[Alessandro Reali – Otus brewmaster]

in compliance with regulation (CE) n. 41/2009 – art. 3, c. 4

Cuor di Pane is gluten-free

“Food products intended for people who are intolerant to gluten and consist of ingredients that replace wheat, rye, barley, oats or their cross varieties, or containing one or more of these ingredients, must not have a content of gluten greater than 20 mg / kg in food as sold to the end consumer.

The labeling, presentation and advertising of these products must contain the mention “gluten-free””

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